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SFX Pack: "Hammer N' Ice"

Ya ever get so mad at the weather that you go out, buy a sledgehammer, and take out your ice-cold aggression on a gigantic block of ice that's blocking your ability to shut your back door? No? Just me? Well, lucky for you I recorded it and I want to share it with you FOR FREE! This is my first ever "sound pack" so it's nowhere near a perfect professional pack but I do think that it has a lot to offer in terms of impacts, debris, and otherwise that any sound creative can manipulate, layer, and bend to their will. I know I'll be using it on upcoming projects. Hope you have fun with it! Feel free to tag me in all of your creations @riodeejinaro on Twitter! Free Download Link:

Pack Description: 152 SFX (50Mb) Recorded at 96khz/24bit (XP @ 48khz/24bit) on a Zoom H6 Sledgehammer on a giant block of ice

Outside, Daytime, City

Natural Reverb On-Location Misc Sound = Salt *Minimal Processing/Editing - simple eq and minor noise reduction*

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