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The Very Late Gamer - A Series

How It Started...


The Very Late Gamer came to me while I was pondering the idea of documenting my creative process for the upcoming decade. The concept as a whole was covering the question that had been on my mind for quite some time. How can I document my creative process? Working in audio, it's hard to document your 'creative process' outside of just showing your finished product. People can't see what they hear. Unless of course, you use some sort of audio visualizer software.

This seemingly simple question really stumped me. As I asked many of my friends who were comfortable around a camera for some advice, they hit me with the 'just-start-doing-it' excuse. Top tier advice, right? That's what I thought as well.


(*If you're reading this, just know that I really do appreciate your input; I'm just adding the wording for 'comedic effect'. Just go with it - the next round is on me by the way. Love you all!*)


I'm an audio guy. I'm not comfortable in front of a camera. Hell, most audio folks I've met aren't comfortable in front of a camera. We'd rather be behind the camera holding a boom pole, in the other room/building monitoring the mix from the boom, in a studio breaking shit, kidding ourselves into hoarding random objects that 'we'll use one day', or locking ourselves in a dark room cutting sound effects, dialogue, and messing with synthetic plugins to help someone's vision be translated properly through one of the audiences five senses. So yeah, just 'doing it' wasn't gonna cut it for me. Plus, how was I even going to just 'do it'? Was I going to film myself, edit the content and upload on a weekly basis to whatever unnamed platform; too much time and energy at this point. Should I live-stream it? Haha! No, I'm cringe on camera. How was I going to take photos of my journey? WHAT would be a good photo to take? Will I have time to 'stage' a decent photo? How do I take a decent selfie?

Just imagine some of those questions and then add a few thousand more. I would find myself getting stuck in this infinite question loop on how I was going to go about my 'just-do-it' process and inevitably never do anything productive. Then, Christmas Eve of this year, I was bored out of my mind, looking for something to do to spice up the evening and realized that I had been putting off a lot of big 'blockbuster' games ever since I purchased a PS4 back in 2018 (?).

Before we go any further, yes, I know, I was late to the game on that as well (pun intended). I've already gotten the, "Why are you getting a PS4 now when the PS5 is on its way out?" speech about a hundred times from an ex-coworker. I'd appreciate it if we came the flame to a minimum.

I came to the speedy conclusion that I wasn't getting any younger and that this would be the perfect opportunity to see where this takes me and if I have what it takes to document my upcoming decade of creative projects. So, I figured I'd 'just-do-it' and dive headfirst into a critically acclaimed game that is long overdue. A game that I've been told to play by countless colleagues, friends, and, believe it or not, professors. The game that I've seen stupid amounts of BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage from on how they made this game sound. This game being: God Of War.

If you'd like to see my first thoughts and experience with the game, definitely check out my follow up post "God Of War: A Journey Begins" for the full experience. This is less about the game and more about what to expect from The Very Late Gamer.


What To Expect...


Honestly, when it comes down to it, it's very simple on what to expect. A pure, raw, uncut experience from myself to you, the reader, of my journey through various games. Come watch, or read in this case, as I become emotionally invested in characters destined to die off, stories with no happy endings, and the frustration when I realize I'm really not that great at video games. Except for Guitar Hero/Rockband - I will destroy you all in that game.


In terms of content, I would like to have a new post up just about every week or every other, depending on my availability and schedule. As of right now I'm feeling things out and seeing if The Very Late Gamer has potential to continue on into other series/games, so right now, I'll probably just be sticking to one game at a time. Though I find it hard to just stick to one game at a time, it'll be my promise to you that I'll attempt to stay loyal to you all as best as I can. Luckily, if I need to get my video game variety fix I can switch over to PC and play some mind-numbing FPS games like Overwatch or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

I would like to eventually start capturing footage of my reactions and/or experiences with these games but I've got to get comfortable in front of a camera, teach myself to edit, write a script, blah blah blah, you know, all the fun production stuff. In the meantime, I'll be capturing live shots from my gameplay in order to provide some sort of context and/or visual imagery - cause I know video is king in this day and age. Who reads anymore anyway? Do you think I even proofread this post? (Hint: I did - and still missed a lot I'm sure. Not an English teacher.)

A lot of my reactions and critiques of the game are going to be purely off the top of my head with little to no context. All opinions are my own. Some, if not most, of my posts might make mention of audio-related things, so if you don't care, don't worry - feel free to skip those paragraphs.

All-in-all this is really just something for me to do in my free time, expand my creative muscles from just audio to writing and reviewing, practicing my documentation skills and hopefully creating a community in which to discuss numerous things related to audio, video games, films, music, and more.


A Closing Remark


Finally, if you've made it this far, thank you. I expect most people to read the first section and then click off or read a more interesting article/blog post on my website.


The Very Late Gamer is just a small portion of what I'd like to be doing with this blog so definitely keep checking back for more things related to various other topics. Outside of this first project, I plan on writing and documenting reviews on a bunch of different things that excite me. Some of which might include: Deconstructing sound(s) from films and recreating them, or just talking about it, documenting a few passion projects related to sound design, collaborations with colleagues, recording the world around me and maybe making small SFX packs. There's so much I'm wanting to do going into this new decade and I hope that you'll join me for this wild ride.

I'm also super open to criticism, suggestions, advice, or just to chat about what I should do next. I'm pretty active on Twitter and am slowly building up my Instagram feed, should you feel the need to reach out directly. There is also my "contact" form on my website - however, I would only suggest filling that out for professional inquiries or collaborations.

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